Mart Haarman
/> Webdevelopment - UX/UI Design
/> Data processing, Data-systems & Data-analysis
/> Electrical Engineering
About me
My name is Mart (25),
In 2020 I finished my BSc. Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft including the minor 'Education' leaving me with a second degree certification in teaching mathematics.
Currently I'm participating in Project MARCH as Electrical Engineer. Not only to help contribute to their goal but also to learn the practical applications and knowledge of my BSc. Electrical Engineering.
I will continue with a Master programme at the TU Delft after finishing my term at Project MARCH.
On the side I'm the owner of MHWD.
MHWD is short for MHWebDevelopment which I have founded in 2015 to be able to support others in web-code based solutions. Over time I have expanded my projects to electrical applications and linux based solutions.
With MHWD I have contributed to projects as small as local websites to as big as projects involving National Championships organized by the KNHS.
The projects I take part in are unique in the sense that their solution often involves the combination of combining physical human actions with code based reactions and data processing.
/> A single click on a camera can result in a photo resized, ordered and displayed to the photographed person who is searching her or his name elsewhere on a tablet or computer.
/> A touch on a tablet by a jury will result in the combined score, of other jury members, displaed on a large LED screen inside an arena due to fast data processing.
/> Allow members from your organisation to freely sign up for tasks available at your event using, a platform I built for digitizing your communitie's workflow.
Like to know more, do you have a question or would you like a chat? Email me at mart [at]
Educational - Minor Education
2020 - TU Delft / CSG Willem van Oranje
Educational - BSc. Electrical Engineering
2016/2020 - TU Delft
Educational - VWO (N+T)
Untill June 2016 - Carmel College Salland
Volunteering / leadership - Board of advisors
2019/Present day - S.V.A.C. Yeti
Volunteering / leadership - Technical support
2006/Present day - Manege Bartels
Located in Delft (ZH) and Raalte (OV)
Contact me at mart [at]